My Story

Trust me when I tell you - you inspire me. I see you being amazing mothers every day, and I see you are such incredibly smart and interesting women.It’s my deep desire to help you feel great in your bodies and spirits.

Believe me, too, when I tell you I know how hard it is to balance babies, work and fitness. As a young, single, and isolated mom, I was shocked when a doctor told me I was morbidly obese.

That began my quest of changing my lifestyle  so I could both enjoy playing actively with my kids and set them on the right path for life-long health.

Motherhood is probably the hugest transition a woman makes in her life, and I know how lonely it can sometimes be. When I was a new mom, there were no classes in Ottawa that supported post-natal classes, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my new baby in childcare so I could work out. When I became a certified Can Pro Trainer, I knew I had to find a way to support new moms in their fitness needs. My post-natal specialty was born. 

I’ve been offering family focused classes in Ottawa for 13 years, and I’m incredibly proud to say my classes are inclusive to every fitness type and financial need.

I believe we can all play a role in developing an active, happy and whole community, and I am proud to be partnering with Boomerang Kids, the Ottawa Parent’s Resource Centre and several local community centres to offer classes everyone can attend. 

Head over to the programs page to see what service works for you, or send me a messagel. I’m so looking forward to meeting you!

Jules Before…