Team BodyGym



Women's Only Team BodyGym

This class was designed to give EVERYBODY a personal training experience.  A smaller group setting where everyone is trained specifically for your fitness levels and goals. The RIGHT combination of cardio, strength, core and flexibility training as well as attention to form and function get you the RESULTS YOU WANT. You are provided with weekly home workouts, lifestyle challenges and a personalized training plan to do throughout the week at home or office. Personal Training attention TEAM atmosphere fABulous price!

Incudes weekly homework and a personalized program!


Time: Saturday 9:00am -10:00am – Jan 20 – April 7 (11 classes )  - only 8 spots available! 
Location: Glebe Community Centre - 175 Third Ave - Register with GNAG 


HITT like a GIRRRL TeamBodyGym

PERSONAL TRAINING ATTENTION in a small group setting! This BOXING INSPIRED Game Changer HITTS hard!

Women's Only TEAM BodyGym This is THE  Boxing inspired  GAME CHANGER! YOUR health and wellness goals are assessed and specifically targeted. Laser focus on YOU! Experience includes HIGH ENERGY!  Expertly designed classes, weekly home workout, videos, nutritional guidance PLUS a personalized home training program designed for continued success at home!

Miss your bigs, you can attend any Hitt the Bag class within your session dates! COOL!

Currently not scheduled.