There are times when you can’t make it to a class, times when you want to ramp it up on your own, and times when you need some technique tips. Here are some great ideas for those very times. Enjoy!!


The Body Shop is now open at the new Downsize Fitness location -1670 Vimont Ct!!!! Pop Up Class for the month of August!!! SPECIAL  $ 12.00 under construction fee! First to pay first to PLAY!!!  Maximum 10 boxers Thursday August 9, 7:45pm  Hitt the bag with Jules Friday August 10, 11:00am Mom and Baby Body Shop Saturday August 11, 9:00am Hitt the Bag with Sensei Chris NEW!!! Tuesday August 13, 11:00am MOM & BABY BOXING NEW!!!! with Jules Tuesday August 13, 7 & 7:45pm Hitt the bag with Sensei Chris & Jules Thursday August 16, 7 & 7:45pm Hitt the bag with Jules Friday August 17, 11:00am Mom and Baby Body Shop […]

12 Days of Fitness (again)


This workout was inspired by the ever popular and super annoying 12 Days of Christmas! ( I apologize if that tune is now in your head!)  Each exercise is a round. Perform the first round. Then perform the second round and just like the song you go back to the first gift...I mean exercise! […]

Arm Assault


To compensate for the fact that I can no longer jump around - at least for a little while - I designed this ARM ASSAULT! Check out the video! […]