Recipes and Nutrition

I may not be a nutritionist, but I do know great tasting and healthy food!! Enjoy these recipes and ideas from some of my favourite people!

YOUletide Greetings


 As many of my fitness family already know I am having surgery over the holidays. I am very excited about it as it will end the pain I have been having for many years and enable me to live the active and exciting life with all of you that I love!!! I will be in hospital for a few days and on the couch for many more so  I met with Lisa from Rise Nutrition to discuss an optimal eating strategy for recovery afterwards. She simply asked me Why wait? BUSTED! Does this ring a New Year's bell with anyone?! […]

Help yourself to seconds!


From author of Smart Snacking for Sports, Michelle Vodrazka, comes a cookbook that is equal parts a lifestyle guide and an indispensable kitchen companion. Help Yourself to Seconds is so much more than just a cookbook […]

Let's do lunch!


Take a page from the student handbook and make sure to include a nutritious and delicious lunch in your daily routine. Enter the Bento! […]