YOUletide Greetings


 As many of my fitness family already know I am having surgery over the holidays. I am very excited about it as it will end the pain I have been having for many years and enable me to live the active and exciting life with all of you that I love!!! I will be in hospital for a few days and on the couch for many more so  I met with Lisa from Rise Nutrition to discuss an optimal eating strategy for recovery afterwards. She simply asked me Why wait? BUSTED!
Does this ring a New Year's bell with anyone?!

Every year most of us pinky swear that come January UNO we are gong to be the people we always wanted to be! Not this year baby! Join me in starting today, this minute! Take a really deep bowl full of jelly breath and gently agree to like, no love where you are at and then every meal every day try to do something a little different to see and feel the changes you most desire. Buy yourself a fancy water bottle, and use it! If you usually take seconds, slow down, enjoy your firsts! Instead of a jacuzzi sized lattee. perhaps a sink would satisfy! Sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling guilty about not hitting the gym? Find a FUN fitness experience ( I think I may know of a few...) and go the F**K to sleep!

Most importantly take care of YOU! YOU matter! and if you ever doubt it pretty please let me know, I would LOVE to listen! Thank you all for being such an important part of my life, I think of you all often and I am grateful for every moment we share! This holiday season I am accepting all healing thoughts sent my way and of course NETFLIX suggestions!