Moving.....Onwards & Upwards


Dear Clients, Friends and well FRIENTS! as I have come to know you all! First of all let me say that whether you have been with my fitness family for 1 class or your 1000th, you mean the world to me! I cannot express how much your support, enthusiasm and energy means to me!

As some of you may already know, I found out Thursday at noon that Elite Martial Arts would not longer be operating out of the location that we shared and that I needed to find another location for my classes in Orleans! Instead of an obstacle I saw this as an opportunity to really reflect on how I could best serve you moving forward and I believe I have found the perfect fit for us!!

Beginning, Wednesday November 1st, I will begin proudly hosting my classes at Downsize Fitness in Orleans! The Downsize fitness center is located at 5929 Jeanne D'Arc Blvd. This location is an ideal fitness space for us, but it also boasts being right off the highway (closer to my Blackburn and Glebe - 14 min drive!), and has a large parking lot! The owners of Downsize, Brie and Martin, are great people who truly care about their members, much like me! I, for one, am excited to learn more about the unique classes offered like Sparring and Drumming with Brie.

For the months of November and December, all of the class times will remain the same  EXCEPT for the Friday Mom and Baby Gym class. While it will remain on Fridays the time will change to 11:00am (instead of 10:30am). For the remainder of 2017, all payments will be processed through me, and passes you already have will remain valid. More details to come on 2018 classes at Downsize and how we can all continue to build strength and friendships on our journey together. 

I have LOVED my time at Elite but I am thrilled about the prospects of this incredible opportunities that is unfolding.  Join me on Monday at Elite to wrap up the final and last class at Elite and on Wednesday for iNVEST at our NEW AMAZING location!!

I have always wanted to be a part of a team and now I am!! For FUN! Please feel free to email me regarding any questions or comments you have on this new and exciting adventure! I promise you that I will continue to dedicate my time and efforts to offering you my best,,,because you DESERVE it!