The Sherlock Family Wishes You a MERRY FITMAS & A Happy New REAR!!



A super smarty pants momma told us all a story in class recently about how when she was in University and had a little extra "pocket" money she would actually literally tuck some of it away in her jeans or a coat so that when she was wearing them much later she would find a little "surprise" to make herself feel better, to give herself a little boost! WHAT?!!! That might have been the bestest thing i had ever heard! On so many first of all she thought ENOUGH of herself to realize that she DESERVED a treat, that when she had a little extra of something she knew enough to PLAN for her future happiness and the best is that such a small gesture could yield such HUGE results!

Well, the EXACT SAME principles apply to becoming your strongest, leanest,healthiest and most successful YOU ever! Lasting  CHANGE does not occur  as a result of one HUGE decision ( why yes New Year's Ever Resolution I am talkin' bout you!) , CHANGE happens ( EVERY TIME!!!) in all the little choices that we make ALL THE TIME! No matter how AHMAZING your life is, and I truly hope it is! You deserve the BEST! Whether it is a fitness, finance or career goal that you have set for your future I encourage YOU to think small! That's right...SMALL! Ask yourself, What can you do today, for the next five minutes or even 5 secs that will move you towards the minute, the day and the life you really want. Instead of exclaiming at midnight (on a certain unnamed date) that you will NEVER EVER NEVER eat another cookie, Big Mac or Pizza or that you will NEVER EVER NEVER miss another about....STARTING RIGHT NOW just consider what ONE small improvement you could make like drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up ( this was mine and it was really tough at first but now I cannot imagine not doing it!) getting up 5 mins early just to breathe deeply and feel grateful that you woke up at all or promising to not look at your electronics at least 30 mins before bed...WHAT?!! Come on now, you can still read!!

Consistency is like exercise, the more you train the easier it becomes! My holiday wish ( other than to see y'all in my classes in 2019!) is that when you wake up New Years Day the ONLY RESOLUTION you are interested in is to keep doing all the amazing stuff you started today!! Thanks more than you know for being such an inspiration to me to live my best life, so that I can keep up with all your amazing selves!!