Lucky 7



Work up to 7 rounds

7 Burpees (no pushup) Perform low or high impact
7 Regular Pushups (place hands slightly wider that shoulder width, hands pointing slightly inward)
7 Split lunges or Reverse Lunges (each jump or step back equals one rep!)
7 Tricep or Diamond Pushups (Create a diamond with your hands by placing the the first fingers and thumbs of each hand together creating a diamond shape. Place hands on floor under face, allow elbows to face outwards as you lower!)
7 High Plank Jax (Get into High plank position, draw navel to spine and jump your legs out to the side or step them out and return them to start one after the other.)
7 Low plank Jax (same move as above but in low plank - wrists up)
7 Squats, Air Squats or Rocket Jumps (Jump up and bring both heels towards butt,land softly)

Bonus High Plank Arm Circles: Get into High Plank and Circle your Right arm 7 times beside body. Circle Left arm 7  times. Keep alternating sides for 1 minute.