My hysterectomy journey


It has been 85 days, 6 hours,30 mins and 15 seconds since I had my full hysterectomy....but who's counting?  It is amazing how removing something from your life can add so much to it. I do not come by the figurative wine glass half full naturally, but you cannot train with amazing women for over 13 years and not have something other than tiger balm rub off on you! Being FORCED and not able to move (at one point I had to call my husband to come and pick me up from the end of the driveway, which is the length of a standard hopscotch BTW) made me realize a few things.

I like moving, really like it and I think that is why finding the right kind of movement is so important. I like to PLAY with my clients in class, try new things, experiment with new ways to use our bodies and the equipment, or lack of equipment that we have. I have always wanted to try yoga, so as soon as I felt ready I tried yoga...and...I am really bad at it. 3 minutes in, I am sweating from my eyelashes and begging for it to be over. When the instructor shares that it is time for the halfway Savasana...HALFWAY? I prepare myself to fake a heart attack just so I can leave! But I LOVE how I feel when it is Warrior pose it is!

I also learned that I DO NOT love my body unconditionally! I am super excited when I can easily pull my jeans on over it or see some definition under my t shirt but when it was all swollen and just laying there...forget it! I started listening to how I was communicating with myself, ugh you are so fat, you have let yourself go, you should have made better choices, oh you're hungry, not today, nothing for you! Um, that's not nice, I would never treat anyone like that so why was it ok to treat me like that? So I decided to treat me like I would treat you, with kindness and respect, especially after recovering from a surgery. I challenge you to be your own best friend this month, so if you happen to pull out your shorts from last season and they are a little tight, don't get mad at her....take her for a walk, (or one of my classes) or really go buy her a new pair of shorts and parade her around town! She deserves it and so do you!