12 Days of Fitness (again)


This workout was inspired by the ever popular and super annoying 12 Days of Christmas! ( I apologize if that tune is now in your head!) 

Each exercise is a round. Perform the first round. Then perform the second round and just like the song you go back to the first gift...I mean exercise!

Round 1 30 second plank ( or partridge!)
Round 2 10 mountain climbers
Round 3 10 Seated or lying bikes
Round 4 4 Push ups
Round 5 20 right side plank hip drops
Round 6 20 left side plank hip drops
Round 7 30 second spot sprint or march
Round 8 30 second wall sit or low squat hold
Round 9 5 tuck jumps, Air Squats or Dynamic Squats ( squat as quickly as you can but your feet do not leave the ground)
Round 10 10 Rt forward and backward lunge
Round 11 10 Lt leg forward and backward lunge
Round 12 10  burpees with 2 pushups and 2 double jump ups!

I bet your stockings have never looked better!!